Our First Film

Blood Creature from Beyond The Grave!

Grinth Tales

These feature-length scripts by Glen Cram & Ron Hier are available for production.

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Our Latest Film

2 Bucks Short

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Mountie must track down a native man possessed by a cannibal spirit.

Janet must risk everything to save her mysterious lover from the evil Faerie Queen Badly burned teenager Donny Presley becomes part of a charity scam. When his devilish double convinces him he can't be damned, a young fanatic sets out to punish the sinners of the world.

Canadian Mountie Jack McGregor is sent to arrest native hunter Isaac Wolf for murder. But Isaac is no ordinary killer: to save his hungry family, he has sold his soul to the evil Windigo, who makes men see other people as animals to be hunted and eaten. McGregor is drawn into Isaac's world of spirits, and must confront both a corrupt court system and the demons from his own past before deciding where justice truly lies.
(Optioned twice)

Tam Lin

Tam Lin is a modern retelling of a classic Scottish fairy tale. Janet Logan, compelled to leave her London home to nurse her father in a remote Scottish village, is desperately unhappy. Tam Lin, kidnapped by the Queen of Faerie, has no memory of his earthly life. One moonlit night they meet. Janet unravels the mystery of Tamís past and helps him regain his identity. When she learns that Tam must die on Hallowe'en, she risks life and limb to break the spell and bring him back to the mortal world.


Burned is a drama of self-deception and redemption. Small-town teenager Donny Presley is badly burned while apparently saving his baby sister from their burning home. He becomes a national hero, and falls into the clutches of con-man Ray Hill and his beautiful assistant. Together they raise millions for a "burn clinic", until Donny discovers Ray's true motives. In the fiery climax, Donny redeems himself and becomes the hero he pretended to be.

Confessions of a Justified Sinner

When Robert Colwan, raised by a fanatical preacher, learns that he cannot be damned no matter what he does, his mysterious double Gil-Martin encourages him to  become the avenging Sword of the Lord, and smite down the sinners of the world, beginning with his own family! Based on James Hogg's original novel of psychological horror from 1824 (the source for Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde).

(Short - 15min.)

Cassandra has a terrible gift: she knows when bad things are going to happen, but when she tries to warn the world, they lock her up. Until one day someone does believe her, and tries to take advantage of her, with disastrous consequences!

About us

  • Glen Cram is a Toronto artist and website designer, and has a background in anthropology and education. He spent three years teaching native students in Northern Quebec, where he first encountered the stories that became Windigo. He is currently working on an epic historical fantasy set in Biblical times about the Gnostic sorcerer Simon Magus.
  • Ron Hier studied filmmaking in the MFA program at the University of Southern California. He currently works as a research lawyer in Toronto and is the co-author of Music and the Law in Canada (Carswell, 2000) and Model Agreements for Visual and Media Artists (CARFAC 2004).
  • While in university, we wrote, directed and produced Blood Creature From Beyond the Grave, a 40-minute long movie in the silent film tradition, which was National Runner-up and Quebec Winner in the Famous Players Student Film Festival.
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  • After almost 40 years, our most recent film 2 Bucks Short, was 8th most popular at the 2009 Toronto Urban Film Festival!
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